[Ironruby-core] Is it possible to generate DLLs?

Bassel Samman lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jan 22 13:23:19 EST 2010

Hello guys,
    we're looking to adopt IronRuby within our project.  It's been great
to test with since we're all ex-Ruby and/or ex-Rails guys and this makes
everything simpler.  We were able to work with windows forms and we can
do everything we want with it so far without a problem.  The one thing
that remains is that we are not allowed to send the actual source files
as they are to the customer.  I assume there is a simple way we can do
this, but I can't find any documentation on that or maybe I missed
something.  Is there a way I can turn the ruby classes into DLLs so we
can package them up and ship them?  That would pretty much seal the deal
to get IronRuby approved for our project.


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