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Orion Edwards orion.edwards at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 00:46:40 EST 2010

While I agree that changing the app.config is a common task, and it's easy if you're just shipping a single standalone app, it's a giant pain in the ass if you're having to upgrade an existing installation, or integrate with another program. (Outlook.exe.config anyone??)
I've seen a fair few .net apps move their configuration OUT of app.config and into the registry because of things like that. 

Is there a way that we can set the library path and other such things programatically (eg: RubyEngine.LoadPath = "blah"), etc? That would be much nicer than app.config mangling :-(

Cheers, Orion

On 16/01/2010, at 8:09 AM, Jimmy Schementi wrote:

>> This configuration, setting different paths etc is too much a hassle for developers.
> Let's go over what "configuration, setting different paths etc" actually means:
> - When using ir.exe directly? 
>  Nothing, the Ruby standard library just works.
> - When embedding IronRuby inside a .NET app?
>  Just telling your C# app where IronRuby's libraries are:
>  1. Copy ir.exe.config into your app.config
>  2. Make sure LibraryPaths still make sense. Making these full-paths is easiest,
>     So just replace the ".." with "C:\IronRuby" (or wherever you extracted a IronRuby
>     release to ... for example this is the LibraryPaths for a C:\IronRuby installation:
>     C:\IronRuby\lib\IronRuby;C:\IronRuby\lib\ruby\site_ruby\1.8;C:\IronRuby\lib\ruby\site_ruby;C:\IronRuby\lib\ruby\1.8
> And that's it. So please, let me know how this could be too much hassle for you.
> Sure, embedding isn't "one-click", but don't blow it up to be more than it really is.
> Please let us know if you've found any real ship-stopping bugs.
> Note that ir.exe.config uses relative paths as we have no idea where someone will
> unzip the release to. With the MSI we can possibly generate ir.exe.config to use
> full paths, but that would be very low on our list of stuff to do for 1.0. Also,
> if we release VS integration in the future, generating the correct app.config 
> for embedding is also a possibility.
> However, for embedding, presumably you are going to want to put the libraries
> into your application's directory, so you do really care about where the paths
> are, which is why we don't somehow magically find them.
> ~Jimmy
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