[Ironruby-core] rexml/document with IronRuby

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 15 14:09:32 EST 2010

> This configuration, setting different paths etc is too much a hassle for developers.

Let's go over what "configuration, setting different paths etc" actually means:

- When using ir.exe directly? 

  Nothing, the Ruby standard library just works.

- When embedding IronRuby inside a .NET app?

  Just telling your C# app where IronRuby's libraries are:
  1. Copy ir.exe.config into your app.config
  2. Make sure LibraryPaths still make sense. Making these full-paths is easiest,
     So just replace the ".." with "C:\IronRuby" (or wherever you extracted a IronRuby
     release to ... for example this is the LibraryPaths for a C:\IronRuby installation:

And that's it. So please, let me know how this could be too much hassle for you.
Sure, embedding isn't "one-click", but don't blow it up to be more than it really is.
Please let us know if you've found any real ship-stopping bugs.

Note that ir.exe.config uses relative paths as we have no idea where someone will
unzip the release to. With the MSI we can possibly generate ir.exe.config to use
full paths, but that would be very low on our list of stuff to do for 1.0. Also,
if we release VS integration in the future, generating the correct app.config 
for embedding is also a possibility.

However, for embedding, presumably you are going to want to put the libraries
into your application's directory, so you do really care about where the paths
are, which is why we don't somehow magically find them.


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