[Ironruby-core] igem not working

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 14 16:15:47 EST 2010

I plan on being here/there for at least part of it.


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That's fine but my point is that if you just want to just use ironruby do NOT get the sources.. they haven't been updated in a while and the 1.0 RC1 version is probably very close to what you get with building from source but without the added hassle and changed gems location.  There is no obvious win anymore when you build from source.

From the types of questions you ask I think that you never had a MS-DOS based pc or haven't done much batch scripting in your life, which is perfectly fine of course. Using the dev.bat file will change a bunch of environment variables which you don't need at all.
Like Jim said earlier I think it's better if you just stick to released versions of IronRuby so you don't have these kinds of surprises, just make sure you install it in a path without spaces or that requires elevated privileges (like say program files).

Sure a podcast sounds like a plan :).
Will there be anybody from the IronRuby team attending the mvp summit too?
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Thanks! I got it working using Dev.bat.

It will my pleasure to meet you at the MVP Summit :) Maybe we can record
a Podcast about IronRuby.

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