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Wed Jan 13 12:36:27 EST 2010

Jimmy Schementi wrote:
>> I noticed your update to:
>> http://ironruby.net/Documentation/Real_Ruby_Applications/Rails#database
>> also, I had to add this:
>> in environment.rb as well so it would be added to the load path to get it to
>> work correctly.  
> That's what these lines are for:
> $:.unshift "#{IRONRUBY_DBI_PATH}/src/lib"
> $:.unshift "#{SQLSERVER_ADAPTER_PATH}/lib"
> The code to add to environment.rb that's in the link there is all that 
> is needed.
> Adding the lines you added should have no effect, especially the first 
> one
> as the correct dbi.rb won't be found in ironruby-dbi.
>> Plus, I needed the deprecated gem which irooruby-dbi requires. 
> Step #2 of Setup says to install the "deprecated" gem.
>> Might be worth mentioning that the user should also set their
>> correct username and password.
> Where? In the database.yml file, I suggested to use integrated security, 
> which
> doesn't require putting your username and password.
> It'd be great to bundle all this in a ironruby-rails gem to do this 
> automatically.
> Also, ironruby-dbi really should just depend on the dbi gem itself, and 
> be
> renamed to ironruby-dbd, which just adds the mssql dbd extension. It 
> should also
> take a dependency on the depreciated gem so it doesn't need to be 
> installed separately.

Sorry, your right.  I copied over the lib directory of both of the 
downloads without even paying attention.  Also, I didn't re-read every 
part of http://ironruby.net/Documentation/Real_Ruby_Applications/Rails , 
just the database part, so I missed the deprecated gem.  I was up at 
midnight trying to get this to work...

Thanks for the help.
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