[Ironruby-core] Problem with FolderBrowserDialog

Robert Rouse robert.e.rouse at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 11:00:42 EST 2010


I have an interesting problem that I can¹t work out.

I have a GUI app that uses FolderBrowserDialog. It works fine when I run it
from the command line with ir.

When I embed IronRuby in an app, the browse window comes up, the ok, cancel,
and make new folder buttons are there, but the actual browse functionality
is missing. It¹s just blank where the browse bit should be. This is how I¹ve
called IronRuby from the app:

ScriptRuntime irruntime = IronRuby.Ruby.CreateRuntime();

            ScriptEngine ir = IronRuby.Ruby.GetEngine(irruntime);

            ScriptScope scope = ir.CreateScope();

            ScriptSource script = ir.CreateScriptSourceFromFile(script);


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