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Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
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Actually, I have already spent some time figuring out the correct instructions, but have not posted yet. I'd like as much help, so Sam, I'd like as much feedback as you can provide. 

For SQLServer, the mssql adapter is no longer being maintained, and the pointers Shri gave are the preferred way of doing things. However, like I said, the instructions aren't quite tested yet, so either you can figure it out yourself, or wait for me to update it (which will be soon, but again it will be good for help). 

I'm not aware of your rack issue, so I'll look into it. Is this error occur when running against WEBrick? 

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For SQL Server, you are better off using ironruby-dbi + sqlserver_adapter as mentioned in the attached email. Ivan has already fixed a number of SQL issues in ironruby-dbi. Usage is not streamlined yet though. See http://github.com/ironruby/ironruby/blob/master/Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/Tests/Scripts/ActiveRecordTests.rb for hints on how to set things up.

I have added a rough note about this to http://ironruby.net/Documentation/Real_Ruby_Applications/Rails, but the instructions need to be flushed out more. Will be great if you can help flush this out...

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Hey, I have a couple questions dealing with a couple modifications I did
to eliminate errors I was receiving while using rails on IronRuby.
First, mssql_adapter.rb:
In the execute method I commented out set_identity_insert_on and
set_identity_insert_off.  Why is the adapter turning on
set_identitty_insert for columns that end in _id?  Isn't it standard in
rails for foreign keys to end in _id?

Next, in rack-1.0.1\lib\rack\response.rb:
On line 63 in the set_cookie method, the clone method doesn't exist.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
I just commented out the set_identity sections in execute.  In
set_cookie, I removed clone and it seemed to work.

Does anyone have better patches or work-arounds than what I have done?

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