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Sam Clopton lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Jan 3 12:17:05 EST 2010

Hey, I have a couple questions dealing with a couple modifications I did
to eliminate errors I was receiving while using rails on IronRuby.
First, mssql_adapter.rb:
In the execute method I commented out set_identity_insert_on and
set_identity_insert_off.  Why is the adapter turning on
set_identitty_insert for columns that end in _id?  Isn't it standard in
rails for foreign keys to end in _id?

Next, in rack-1.0.1\lib\rack\response.rb:
On line 63 in the set_cookie method, the clone method doesn't exist.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
I just commented out the set_identity sections in execute.  In
set_cookie, I removed clone and it seemed to work.

Does anyone have better patches or work-arounds than what I have done?

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