[Ironruby-core] MRI 1.8.7 compatibility

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 16 13:21:59 EST 2010

Thanks for all the feedback on what you guys are interested in.

I would like to request folks to start playing with IronRuby and Rails 2.3.5 today. Mark, trying IronRuby + Rails on Azure sounds like a great project. It would be great if you could look at using Rails 2.3.5 for now. Having such a demo for IronRuby V1 RTM will be a great showcasing of the exiting functionality. I understand that Rails 3 is of interest to folks, and that support will come. But there will always be something new around the corner and we are chasing a moving target in that regards.

Getting you folks to play with what works today will be greatly appreciated. Do report the blocking issues you run into. Most of those will apply to getting Rails 3 working as well anyway.


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MRI 1.9.1 is my Linux Ruby of choice, so I'm definitely in favour of 1.9 being the focus for IronRuby, and as soon as I can clone a 1.x branch I'll be all over it, with Rails 3 testing as a focus. (Eventual aim: to prove IronRuby & Rails 3 as a cool Windows Azure solution).


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:22 PM, Jimmy Schementi <Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com<mailto:Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com>> wrote:
Good point, but slight overreaction =)

Running Rails 3 and being 1.8.7 compatible can be completely different goals, as Rails 3 doesn't use all of the 1.8.7 features. =) We can implement the features needed for Rails 3 for the releases after 1.0, so we may turn out to be compatible-enough with 1.8.7 for Rails 3. But, since we're not going to run tests against both 1.8.7 and 1.9, we won't be compatible enough to actually say "ruby-1.8.7 compatible". Plus, we'd like to start ripping out ruby-1.8 features from the 1.x releases, so that might be an impossible statement.

Since 1.9 is the future of Ruby, we're jumping directly to supporting it, as that will position IronRuby for great compatibility in the future, rather than trying to optimize for the current state of the ruby-world. If Rails 3 on IronRuby 1.1 or 1.2 is very important to people, than it'll find a way of happening. But 1.8.x support is a dead-end, and not worth the IronRuby core team's or contributor's time. Plus, Matz ordered me to stop caring about 1.8 support, so I can't say no to that =P

Are there other reasons why it's important for IronRuby to be ruby-1.8.7 compatible? If not, I'd prefer to just prioritize any changes needed for "Rails 3 support", rather than 1.8.7 support.


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> IronRuby 1.0.x releases: ONLY ruby-1.8.6 compatible
> IronRuby 1.x releases: ONLY ruby-1.9 compatible

My fear is that releasing 1.0 so close to release of Rails 3 without the ability to run it will do little for IronRuby's image in the wider Ruby community (who, from my admittedly limited experience, care about weather it can run Rails or not).


While it seems logical to go down the path jimmy mentioned, It looks like what will happen is that rails3 won't run on IronRuby at all until the 1.x releases build up 1.9 compat to a decent enough point and stabilize.

Is 1.9 compat a big deal? It seems like it would be a ton of work to implement 1.9 compatibility in a stable way - thereby leaving IronRuby unable to run rails 3 for a long long time...

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