[Ironruby-core] MRI 1.8.7 compatibility

Orion Edwards orion.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 16:50:31 EST 2010

> IronRuby 1.0.x releases: ONLY ruby-1.8.6 compatible
> IronRuby 1.x releases: ONLY ruby-1.9 compatible

> My fear is that releasing 1.0 so close to release of Rails 3 without the
> ability to run it will do little for IronRuby's image in the wider Ruby
> community (who, from my admittedly limited experience, care about weather it
> can run Rails or not).


While it seems logical to go down the path jimmy mentioned, It looks like
what will happen is that rails3 won't run on IronRuby at all until the 1.x
releases build up 1.9 compat to a decent enough point and stabilize.

Is 1.9 compat a big deal? It seems like it would be a ton of work
to implement 1.9 compatibility in a stable way - thereby leaving IronRuby
unable to run rails 3 for a long long time...
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