[Ironruby-core] New 2.3.2 Version (NO DBI)

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 15 13:33:51 EST 2010

FYI. ironruby-sqlserver (described at http://ironruby.net/Documentation/Real_Ruby_Applications/Rails) will have to lock down on 2.3.1 of the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter gem for now. 

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Subject: New 2.3.2 Version (NO DBI)

The newer and faster adapter is out! My tests now run 25% faster!

It now only uses RubyODBC and removes the DBI/DBD-ODBC dependencies. Thanks goes out to Erik Bryn for putting us in the right direction! If you care to go over the commits, you can see where I picked up from his work and started abstracting the low-level transport modes to a few key methods that can introspect on the connections mode. So even tho ODBC is the only way to go now, the plan is to open this up to any implementation that others care to use and submit work for. One that comes to mind is supporting and :ado_net mode for the IronRuby guys.

Remember, if you are using the adapter in ADO mode and the old DBI hacks, stay at version 2.3.1.

 - Cheers,

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