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Tim Hoolihan Tim at Hoolihan.net
Thu Feb 4 15:58:44 EST 2010

Thanks for the response.

I have C:\ironruby\lib\ironruby\gems\1.8\bin\ in my path and can run spec commands fine.  

However, I followed the post anyway, and created iautospec, iautospec.bat, ispec, and ispec.bat in C:\ironruby\bin

ispec runs fine as does spec, but autospec just returns to the command line.

D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial>ispec spec --format specdoc

- should be an any assigned roles
- should NOT be in any unassigned roles

Finished in 0.2180125 seconds

2 examples, 0 failures


D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial>iautospec spec


From: Ivan Porto Carrero 
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you'll have to do this for the ironruby version.


when RC2 is there it becomes

ir -S autospec

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On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 9:10 PM, Tim Hoolihan <Tim at hoolihan.net> wrote:

  autospec (part of ZenTest gem) does not work for me with Ironruby.  Is this a known issue?  I am using a relatively simple example that works fine on ubuntu with traditional ruby.   I'm using 1.0RC1 (version number on the assembly is out of date).

  D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial>dir lib\* spec\*
   Volume in drive D is FILES
   Volume Serial Number is AC2C-C255

   Directory of D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial\lib

  02/03/2010  01:13 PM    <DIR>          .
  02/03/2010  01:13 PM    <DIR>          ..
  02/03/2010  11:22 AM               109 user.rb
                 1 File(s)            109 bytes

   Directory of D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial\spec

  02/03/2010  01:14 PM    <DIR>          .
  02/03/2010  01:14 PM    <DIR>          ..
  02/03/2010  01:22 PM               354 user_spec.rb
                 1 File(s)            354 bytes
                 2 Dir(s)  125,102,854,144 bytes free

  D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial>ir -v
  IronRuby on .NET


  D:\workspace\ruby\rspec_tutorial>spec --autospec spec

  Finished in 0.2330133 seconds

  2 examples, 0 failures


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