[Ironruby-core] Hello...

Stuart Lodge me at slodge.com
Wed Dec 22 09:11:14 EST 2010

> Awesome Christmas gift for everyone Stuart!
> Anyway, saw Jimmy Schementi's tweet about it and just wanted to add the URL
> for Iron7: http://iron7.com
> -Jon

Thanks Jon

v1 of the app is now approved in the app store, v1.1 is currently in
testing with Microsoft (could be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week) and
v1.2 is currently under dev.

Because Microsoft charge for free app submissions/updates, I've made
iron7 a paid app. However, anyone can select a "free trial", and this
gives you 100% functionality and the trial never runs out - the only
downside is that it does occasionally (approx 1 script in 5?) ask you
if you'd like to purchase the full version.

I'm currently working on a small website to accompany the app - just
to help people share scripts online - hopefully I'll get this approved
by the marketplace.

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