[Ironruby-core] Help configuring latest IronRuby

Travis Herrick tthetoad at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 16:34:19 EST 2010


I am not entirely sure the best way to go about doing what I'm attempting to
do and hope that someone may be able to provide some guidance.  My ultimate
goal is to use the latest IronRuby code base, tools, etc. to attempt to
develop a Ruby on Rails application in VS 2010.

I am able to successfully build Ruby.sln from the IDE (VS 2010 Ultimate),
but when I attempt to build the .msi (from the command line per
instructions), I am met with errors that I am having difficulty overcoming.
 The reason I was doing this was to attempt to use the .msi to install the
latest IronRuby.  Is there a better ("recommended") way to accomplish
running IronRuby with the latest changes?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

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