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Its worth taking a look at albacore, it should help with some of your requirements : http://github.com/derickbailey/Albacore

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Hello all.

I wanted to use Puppy to maintain configuration for some Windows
servers, but apparently the port is not mature yet on Win32.

So, I'm thinking of implementing it myself. My needs are simple:

- copy files over
- restart IIS/services
- edit XML files (add/remove keys)
- register assemblies in the GAC

I want to have easy rollbacks too, so it's kinda like Windows' System
Restore functionality, in spirit.

My question is: does someone know of something that can do this for
Windows? And if not, is there a way to register assemblies in the GAC
with IronRuby, or do I have to encapsulate gacutil in a system call?
for service start/stop, too).

Thanks for any feedback in advance!

(and sorry for posting this first on #ruby)
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