[Ironruby-core] Review: miscellaneous fixes

Daniele Alessandri suppakilla at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 14:59:54 EDT 2010

today I've finally started fixing some failing specs in the core
libraries of IronRuby (well actually I spent most of the time
reviewing the smaller changes between MRI 1.8 and 1.9 and reading some
parts of the source code of IronRuby since it's been quite some time
since the last time I contributed). I still have to push my changes on
a remote repository but in the meantime you can find them in the diff
attached to this email.

304459b Implement various fixes to Kernel and Array related to the
trust status of Object instances.
e77abb5 Fix: Kernel#taint and Kernel#untaint raise an exception when
trying to modify the taint status of a frozen object.
3f0760b Fix: Array#pop raises a RuntimeError on a frozen array.
9e4defb Implement Array#pop(n).
1ba0628 Fix: Object#=~ returns nil matching any object.
19e8250 Update the unsigned version of App.config to pick the right
library paths for 1.9.

A few question / notes:
- If nothing has changed since the last time, I guess you can't still
merge changes coming from the community that don't apply to parts of
IronRuby outside Libraries.LCA_RESTRICTED, right?
- I noticed that the contents of .gitignore have been changed in the
master branch and now it contains only one line. I wonder if this
change is intentional, now I get a lot of garbage (e.g. the output of
the compilation) in the list of unstaged changes.
- Many specs of Array, Hash and String fail because MRI 1.9 now raises
a RuntimeError instead of a TypeError when trying to modify a frozen
object. The change in
is trivial though.
- The checks I added when modiying taintness or trustiness on frozen
objects should be moved inside RubyContext, respectively to
SetObjectTaint() SetObjectTrustiness().
- It would be nice to have a TrustObjectBy<T>(RubyContext, Object)
method in RubyContext.
- If you are wondering why I haven't implemented the last three items
myself, see my first question :-)


Daniele Alessandri
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