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On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 5:21 PM, Orion Edwards <orion.edwards at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 9/08/2010, at 6:42 PM, Jimmy Schementi wrote:
> This is a monumental opportunity for you all, the IronRuby community, to
> rally around something Microsoft invested in, enough to a initial 1.0
> release, and make it your own. However, there are two things we should ask
> Microsoft to commit to during this transition:
>    1. *Be clear about their intentions. *I *know *this will eventually
>    happen, but I want to make it clear to all of you that this is the first
>    step.
>    2. *Donate IronRuby to a non-Microsoft entity *(again, assuming they
>    don't plan on continuing funding). Though IronRuby is licensed under an
>    open-source license, it is copyright Microsoft. IronRuby.net is owned
>    by Microsoft. The GitHub "ironruby" organization is managed by Microsoft.
>    Etc, etc. If the intention is to cease funding IronRuby, then a non-profit
>    foundation owning IronRuby, like CodePlex Foundation, would be ideal, so
>    that we don't need to jointly own the copyright. There also is precedence in
>    Microsoft for internal employees to donate to the CodePlex foundation, so
>    Tomas and Jim can continue to contribute.
> +1
> This seems like an ideal fit for something like the Codeplex foundation,
> and as far as I can think, it would solve pretty much all the current
> uncertainty around the future of IR :-)
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