[Ironruby-core] Anyone interested in implementing Etc module for Mono?

Ryan Riley ryan.riley at panesofglass.org
Sat Apr 3 17:30:47 EDT 2010

Sure! Mono::Unix::Native::Passwd<http://www.go-mono.com/docs/index.aspx?link=T:Mono.Unix.Native.Passwd>and
are returned from the
have UInt32, System.String, and System.String[]. System.String is
no biggie, and I'm finding .to_i on a System.UInt32 is still displayed as
System.UInt32, so I suppose that's not an issue, either. MRI displays Fixnum
as the type, and I was trying to get the correct types back from the
functions. That leaves MRI's Array to Mono's System.String[].

My current implementation is just a Ruby module wrapping calls to the Mono
functions and returning the appropriate types. Most of it is working, though
without being able to run tests easily, I'm testing from the command line. I
still need to add conditionals to return nil if it's run on Windows. I
suppose I also need to conditionally load the Mono.Posix.dll if it's on
Windows, too.

I'm about to finish the basic implementation and post to
already got what I finished last night up there.) I also asked Shri for a
pairing session to make sure it's inline with what you're wanting.


Ryan Riley

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On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Tomas Matousek <
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> Can you give an example of where you need the conversions?
> Tomas
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> No conversion for Fixnums is needed (Fixnums are ints). Arrays are harder.
> I would take a look at clr_ext in merlin/main/languages/ruby/samples. Inside
> that file is a to_clr_array method
> JD
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> Where is documentation on converting between CLR and Ruby types? I can get
> RubyStrings, but what about Fixnum and Array?
> Thanks,
> Ryan Riley
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