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Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Sun Oct 25 12:54:59 EDT 2009

Ruby Thread#priority is not implemented yet. We disabled name mangling on built-ins recently so Thread.Priority property is not callable via lower-case name anymore. 


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Hi guys,

I've just noticed that something happened to Thread.priority... It disappeared.
I'm talking about Thread's instance attribute - priority. I'm using the latest code from GitHub.

The only available priority in the Thread instance now is a CamelCase priority, which is .Net's Priority attribute...

Take a look at the next REPL session:
=> #<Thread:0x000005e aborting>
>>> t = Thread.new { puts "Start"; sleep(30); puts "end" }
#<Thread:0x0000060 run>
>>> t.priority
:0: undefined method `priority' for #<Thread:0x0000060 sleep> (NoMethodError)

>>> t.Priority
=> Normal

I remember the priority attribute was problematic because it didn't receive numeric values like MRI. Maybe this is related to that?


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