[Ironruby-core] Problem with IronRubyMvc and IR 0.9.1

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Thu Oct 15 07:33:01 EDT 2009

Hi Ivan,

here are same thoghts from me:

To integrate IronRubyMvc into Umbraco CMS a configuration file (e.g. 
ironrubymvc.config) would be fine. In Umbraco is a subfolder "/config" 
used for such settings files. Usual way for additional modules is a 
reference from web.config to the location of this config file. For 
example with module UrlRewriting.Net it goes from web.config:

    <section name="urlrewritingnet" .../>
  <urlrewritingnet configSource="config\UrlRewriting.config" />

Native access to config settings from IronRuby via MVC_ENV would be fine 

Force one class per SomeController.rb and must contain SomeController 
class sounds ok. But don't know what's the case with Helpers, no 
experience from my side :-(

Current naming conventions SomeController.rb or some_controller.rb are 
fine for me, may be via a setting in config? Also a setting for view 
file name extentions (current ".html.erb")?


Ivan Porto carrero wrote:
> How do you want to provide different development environments for
> ironrubymvc ?
> I can either do it by creating the configuration section I've been 
> planning,
> this would be used to provide load paths for example for libraries 
> outside
> of the web project.
> I can have a parameter there something like MvcEnv which will set the 
> ruby
> constant MVC_ENV
> based on the value of that constant it would then be possible to provide
> different behavior for the require statement, much like rails does.
> Would it be a good idea to enforce a single class per file for 
> controllers
> and helpers, or would it be better to leave that up to the judgment of 
> the
> user of the framework?
> Should there be validation for naming conventions. like a file
> home_controller.rb has to define the HomeController class?
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