[Ironruby-core] Problem with IronRubyMvc and IR 0.9.1

Immo Wache lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Oct 15 06:02:47 EDT 2009

Hello Tomas,
thanks for take a look, and shed some light in this issue.

When "require" Kernel method is privat we should keep the way to use a 
small Ruby scipt "require '[[controllerpath]]'" as the final solution. 
So this issue is solved from my POV.

Thanks again for care, Immo

Tomas Matousek wrote:
> Engine.Operations.InvokeMember(null, "require", "xxx");
> Raises an exception with the latest bits:
> System.MissingMethodException: private method `require' called for 
> nil:NilClass
> Which is expected. I forgot the Kernel methods are all private.
> Tomas

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