[Ironruby-core] Problem with IronRubyMvc and IR 0.9.1

Immo Wache lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Oct 14 04:51:35 EDT 2009

Hi Ivan,

I see you have alot to do with your book and things. Neverless thank you 
for your help. May be I can support you in my issue with help of others 
from this forum.

Meanwhile I managed to get the tip from Tomas working by execute a plain 
Ruby script (I know its not a professional solution):

  string scriptPath = "require '" + PathProvider.MapPath(path) + "'";
  Engine.ExecuteScript(scriptPath, CurrentScope));

This works much betten than before:

1. When the controller is called first time,
   the HomeController.rb script is executed.

2. When the controller is called again, the script
   will not executed again. This resolves perfect
   the "Filter adding" problem.

3. When I modify the HomeController.rb script,
   the script will not be executed again. To get it
   executed, I need to touch web.config/Restart ASP.NET.

Issue No. 3 is not perfect to me, because I'm about to write an IronRuby 
MVC  extention module for Umbraco CMS. The CMS backend developer should 
be able to modify ruby scripts via web interface, and restart ASP.NET 
takes a lot of time because the CMS has a bunch of assemblies to reload 
which takes almost 30 sec. on my dev IIS.

Neverless I will put the modification to my branch, with this I'm be 
able to carry on with my own extention module.

BTW It would be real great, if anyone has a tip to my 
"Engine.Operations.InvokeMember(" problem above.

Greetings, Immo

Ivan Porto carrero wrote:
> Hi Immo,
> I've been able to merge your changes, will push them later.
> I'll see what I can do about reloading, but can't promise anything as I
> don't have a lot of time to spend on this.
> ---
> Met vriendelijke groeten - Best regards - Salutations
> Ivan Porto Carrero
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