[Ironruby-core] Problem with IronRubyMvc and IR 0.9.1

Immo Wache lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Oct 13 15:45:37 EDT 2009

Hi Ivan,
many thanks again to care about this problem.

Ivan Porto carrero wrote:

> I pulled in your changes Immo but ... complained about not being able
> to find the correct IronRuby yada yada.

Oh, my fault, sorry. I merged my local copy to my (first!) github fork 
(the one from you) slightly to much careful. There was a local copy 
reference of this assembly missing. Its fixed and pushed now.

> Anyway the fix I had in mind was removing 1 line of code and reloading 
> works again. The thing is that now if you update a controller file you
> need to restart the web application.

Hmm, your solution seams to me for a cure of symthomes only. Ok it 
passes my tests but the problem with this solution is the one I 
described earlier:

"I tried to comment out call to 2. This works better, but the 
HomeController now adds all Filter methods again and again, everytime I 
call the controller."

To make this proveable I just added and pushed another test for this:


This issue effects to the demo/test project "IronRubyMvcWeb" that you 
on the browser at first call of /Home controller:

Hello world
>From method filter

ASP.NET MVC w/ IronRuby Demo
... rabarber, rabarber...

and on the second call:

Hello world
>From method filter
Hello world                    <== these are the readded filters
>From method filter

ASP.NET MVC w/ IronRuby Demo
... rabarber, rabarber...

So I need to touch web.config on _every_ subsequent call to an 
(unmodified) IronRuby controller :-(((

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