[Ironruby-core] Native Extensions

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 7 14:11:26 EDT 2009

It's is a large workitem, so it would be post 1.0. Tomas thinks some of the code can be reused from the IronPython equivalent (the ctypes library), but it would still be a fair amount of work. 

I think Win32API is a weak equivalent, and someone could start playing with it for accessing native extension. There would be work on the native extensions to expose the functionality as dllexports, and this can be pushed on right now without waiting for IronRuby to support FFI...

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> IronRuby supports neither FFI nor Ruby/dl. So you would have to use pinvokes from C# for now.

just wondering: is there a remotely vague intention of having FFI
support at some point for IronRuby ?

just curious if someone actually thought about implementing this,

-- Thibaut
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