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Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
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I don’t know about ntfslink, but I know mklink will work for NTFS symlinks and hard links (and junctions)


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I guess you'd have to make ironruby a known platform for Netbeans, perhaps they only check for executable names that have ruby in them. you can try to symlink (ntfslink i believe) ir.exe to ironruby.exe and see where that gets you. (copying should also work)

I'm using Rubymine, very similar to netbeans but works with IronRuby.
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On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 10:16 AM, Shay Friedman <shay.friedman at gmail.com<mailto:shay.friedman at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi friends,

I was trying to use IronRuby as a Ruby platform in NetBeans but without any success. It keeps telling me that the interpreter doesn't seem to be a valid Ruby interpreter.
This is what I have tried without success:
- I figured out that NetBeans was trying to run a file on the path "C:\program files\NetBeans 6...." which has spaces, so I tried to point it to a batch file I had created that executes ir "%*". No success.
- Tried to move NetBeans to a directory with no spaces at the path. No success.

I guess it's something more than just doing that. From NetBeans log I can see that it fails every time with the next error:
WARNING [org.netbeans.api.ruby.platform.RubyPlatformManager]: Detection of platform timeouted

Is someone familiar enough with NetBeans to find the reason for that?


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