[Ironruby-core] Leveraging StdLib.Win32API class

James Leskovar lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Nov 30 02:04:37 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'm working on using metasm (http://metasm.cr0.org/) with IronRuby in
order to generate
and ultimately execute code at runtime. At the moment, I've been
successful in using
metasm to get back a string containing the encoded x86 instruction
opcodes. The next step
would be to allocate memory for the code, copy over the encoded
instructions, mark the region
as executable, and get back an IntPtr.

Which brings me to Win32API. I think using Win32API would probably be
the easiest
way in order to get my code running, though currently there's no way to
specify the function pointer of the function to be called (initializer
only supports
module and export name.) I've noticed that the Win32API CLR class seems
to have a
Function property, but no way to utilize it from ruby code.

Are there any suggestions about how I could use the Win32API class, or
any alternate

Thanks in advance,
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