[Ironruby-core] Silverlight - Data Binding with IronRuby Types

Ryan Riley ryan.riley at panesofglass.org
Tue Nov 17 10:36:04 EST 2009

I just stumbled across these posts on __clrtype__ in IronPython. Is anything
like this planned for IronRuby, or will we just have to wait for Silverlight
4 for a better data binding story?


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On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Jimmy Schementi <
Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately Silverlight only supports reflection-based data-binding, and
> does not support ICustomTypeDescriptor data-binding. IronRuby uses ICTD
> data-binding on the desktop to accomplish accessor binding. To accomplish
> the same thing in Silverlight you’d need to create a real CLR class and
> property, inherit from that class, and set the property. You can do this
> with a precompiled DLL, or maybe IronRubyInline could help:
> http://github.com/rvernagus/IronRubyInline.
> Silverlight 4 will most likely have DLR-based data binding, so you’re
> example would just work. They are also adding something similar to
> ICustomTypeDescriptor, but for today you’ll have to go a bit out of your
> way.
> ~js
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