[Ironruby-core] Hosting a REPL outside the command line

Nathan Stults Nathan_Stults at HSIHealth.com
Fri Nov 6 23:49:45 EST 2009

I don't suppose anyone has successfully run IRB outside of the console?
I'm giving up at this point, as I get the feeling there is something
special about running inside cmd.exe (on windows) that IRB really needs
to feel whole - but I thought I'd throw out a net in case someone has
been successful in this, or feels strongly it should be possible J 


Is there a standard or recommended approach to hosting a REPL outside of
the context of the command line? I want to a. embed a REPL in my
applications (which are windows forms) and b. provide remote access to a
REPL via HTTP and SSH. Hosting IRB and taking over Standard In and
Standard Out seemed ideal, but isn't working out. An anyway, at the end
of the day an IRB solution would be bound to IronRuby, and it would be
nice to allow any DLR language. 


I'm feeling like this may be a common need, and has probably been
adequately solved by now, so I guess I'm just fishing for patterns. 


Thanks in advance,






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