[Ironruby-core] ironruby hosting as scripting engine

Dotan N. dipidi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 14:16:43 EST 2009

Hi guys sorry for the lengthy mail but i believe this is interesting since
i've found a solution that someone else could use.

just had a session of trying to embed IR in my application.
I'm defining a user script which contains some initialization code and a
special worker function 'execute'

this is the "user script":

script1.s --------------------------------------------------------
$script.declare "version 1"

def execute
   $script.report "success"

what i'm doing is setting "script" as a global variable that is a gateway to
my application.
I've tried this way first:

wrapping script1.s with "class Script <scriopt1.s content> end"
and doing Engine.Execute on it.

I expected to get a RubyObject as a result, which is the Script class.

then with the RubyObject i would do ObjectOperations.Invoke("execute"); when
ever i wish.

I had 2 problems:

1. the RubyObject was always null. any idea why?
2. I couldn't really define a global variable properly (i've used the $a = a
trick from the forum)

eventually i've realized this solution:
1. set global variable via RubyContext.DefineGlobalVariable
2.  i run everything on my script scope and Execute script1.s directly given
a ScriptScope
3. do InvokeMember on the ScriptScope itself

from googling i've noticed the solution changed a lot along time.
so what is the proper way to do it?

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