[Ironruby-core] How do you convince .Net developers to use IronRuby?

Huw Collingbourne lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Nov 4 05:48:33 EST 2009

Ryan Riley wrote:
> Any chance that might pick back up? I remember you mentioned that you
> weren't planning to keep it up with each release of IronRuby as it
> developed, and I imagine that was a primary reason for the lack of 
> interest.

Hello Ryan.

We are going to wait to see how much interest there will be from our 
customers. To date, I have to say, there hasn't been much. To be 
perfectly honest, neither have we had much interest from the people here 
who are already using IronRuby. Bear in mind that we released the alpha 
IDE in Feb '08, so there has been plenty of time for people to let us 
know whether or not Visual Studio integration of IronRuby is important 
to them. To date, very little feedback has been received.

Obviously we can't commit a significant amount of our development time 
to a project that is generating so little interest. As I mentioned 
before, we have since moved onto the development of a Visual Studio IDE 
for Adobe Flex - that project has generated a great deal of interest and 
so we would need to be very convinced indeed that transferring 
development time back to IronRuby would be a sensible use of our 

I plan to ask our existing users for feedback on IronRuby shortly (I'll 
post some questions in our forum and blog). The response we get may help 
us to decide on our future plans. We'll come to a final decision some 
time after the release of IR 1.0.

best wishes


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