[Ironruby-core] How do you convince .Net developers to use IronRuby?

Shay Friedman shay.friedman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 10:06:31 EST 2009

Hi there,

In the last month I had 3 sessions about IronRuby, all of them in front of
.Net audience. I really believe in the IronRuby but I find it very very hard
to pass that to existing .Net developers.
I try to show the benefits of using IR - getting things done faster (like
POCs, internal tools), using REPL, using IR abilities from C#, IR and
Silverlight (like Gestalt), unit testing, RoR...
Most of the .Net devs are very conservative and are not willing to get out
of their familiar development environment even when they see the clear
benefits of the new technology.
They feel that using IronRuby will take everything they love from them -
Visual Studio, Ctrl+F5, the sacred intellisense, etc.

That's about what happens during a session:
- No Visual Studio integration: 50% of the audience are willing to leave.
- No compilation: more 25% have just lost interest.
- Intensive command line work: more 15% are shutting down.

That leaves about 10 perecent of the audience that just think of using
IronRuby, most of them decide not to eventually.

My question is - how do you suggest to present IronRuby to .Net developers?
and to the team members - does Microsoft expect that existing .Net devs will
start using IronRuby?


Shay Friedman
Author of IronRuby Unleashed
Follow me: http://twitter.com/ironshay
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