[Ironruby-core] Standard Libraries Support

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Fri May 29 18:13:16 EDT 2009

Here's a quick rundown (~30mins worth of looking at these libraries)

RSS should work, it appears there is a bug in there with Class.inherited
Tracking with CodePlex 1483

We need to figure out what the ObjectSpace finalizers really do, and if we can implement those methods.
Tracking with CodePlex 1484

Uses fork, so it will not work unless we completely re-implement it. The workaround would be having someone port the win32-open3 gem to C#
Tracking with CodePlex 1485

Jirapong is working on this.

Uses Thread.exclusive, which is defined in the thread standard library (as opposed to the Thread builtin class), which needs to be ported.
Tracking with CodePlex 1485

Uses ObjectSpace#id2ref and it may be reliant on the CRuby GC internals
Tracking with CodePlex 1487

Resolv and resolv-replace should be made to work, but they require us to figure out what portions of win32 they need.
Tracking with CodePlex 1488

Ideally all of these should work for 1.0, but we may not have resources to do them. Anyone who wants to is welcome to help bang at them to narrow down the bugs, and port the needed libraries.

...there is no try

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> So just to make sure - there are no plans of making those work for V1.0,
> right?
> Thanks Jim!
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