[Ironruby-core] Code Review: Fix for File.print misbehavior

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Sat May 16 18:01:03 EDT 2009

The problem is because of mspec itself. In External.LCA_RESTRICTED\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\mspec\lib\mspec\matchers\output.rb, the code sets $stdout to a helper class (IOStub) so that it can capture the output. However, what this means is that calls to $stdout.print that the test makes now go to IOStub#print rather than to the real implementation of IO#print, and this masks the bug.

A better solution would be to use StringIO in matchers\output.rb rather than IOStub. If you are included to pursue this (which would be great), you could try the change and/or send email to http://groups.google.com/group/rubyspec to discuss the change. However, since this is a preexisting issue, you could leave it for another day if you want.

So consider your change code-reviewed, and you can chose separately to pursue (or not) the issue with matchers\output.rb.

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I couldn't follow the code exactly but what I did find, was that this 
test never reached the code inside IOOps.Print.
The behavior is really strange, I tried to print the value on the screen 
and the value were really incorrect (the $\ delimiter is added after 
each argument) but the $stdout.print call inside the lambda expression 
got it correctly...

I did that:

  it "writes each obj.to_s to the stream and appends $\\ (if any) given 

objects" do
    o, o2 = Object.new, Object.new
    def o.to_s(); 'o'; end
    def o2.to_s(); 'o2'; end

    puts $stdout.print(o, o2)

    lambda { $stdout.print(o, o2) }.should 

And it wrote "o->o2->nil" on the screen... But when I changed the output 
it to "123" the test failed and told me:
  $stdout: "123"
  $stdout: "oo2->"

So I'm really confused... like I said, my breakpoint inside the print 
method never gets hit so I can't really tell which "print" method is 

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