[Ironruby-core] Code Review: Fix for File.print misbehavior

Shay Friedman lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat May 16 01:50:41 EDT 2009

Hi Shri,

Regarding the contributor agreement - yes, I've signed that (Jim Deville 
helped me with that).

Regarding the coding conventions - I didn't notice the "modifying the 
sources" page, sorrry for that... I would pay attention to that next 

About RubySpec - "writes each obj.to_s to the stream and
appends $\\ (if any) given multiple objects" really seems like the 
corresponding test to my fix. What are the tags for?
The test mentioned on print_tags.txt should also pass after this commit.

About irtests - I ran it. I saw the 5 failures from run.bat but I 
couldn't find the place where the RubySpec specs failures were 
presented. What am I doing wrong?

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