[Ironruby-core] expand_path & Rspec

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 27 15:40:15 EDT 2009

I fixed this particular issue. See attached. Its not in the main GIT repo though. 

The workaround for running the rubyspecs is to set HOME manually to %USERPROFILE%. We are also fixing dev.bat to set HOME for you, so you won't have to worry about it.

There are plenty of other tags (which disables a failing test) in http://github.com/ironruby/ironruby/tree/17de3f8220b0aa9da96f9c8f0c132db954721375/Merlin/External/Languages/IronRuby/mspec/ironruby-tags/core/file. Delete anyone of them, run "mspec ci core\file" to see the test start failing (since the tag is gone), and then work on a fix. Once you have drilled into the issue a bit, I can help you as mentioned in the attached email.

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so its a bug then.
ok, i'll take a look at it.
any tips for a first time contributor ;-)
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