[Ironruby-core] Debugging ruby code in a host

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Mon Mar 23 15:32:14 EDT 2009


With my IronRubyMVC implementation I'm far enough to figure out that I need
to be able to put breakpoints in my ruby code :)
Now the question is how, because I think I tried all of the ways that are
described in the wiki but had no success. I have a debug version of IronRuby
and I'm using it in a C# ASP.NET MVC project with the
System.Web.Mvc.IronRuby dll as a reference. The web application hosts the
scriptruntime etc. Now what do I need to do to make visual studio break on
the breakpoint I define?

In merging the latest git pushes into the linux branch I've seen a pdb
generator does that mean I can actually get to more meaningful stack traces
etc. again the question how springs to mind? :)

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