[Ironruby-core] undefined Method 'downcase'

Marco Kotrotsos lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Mar 18 18:10:31 EDT 2009

Hi and goodevening, hope someone can help

i am trying to get some sort of scripting support going. I have the
following code, which executes a ruby method and return the result.
However, it is returning a method not found error from IronRuby itself

some code ommited but it's based on the standard example. (I did make
reference to all the dlls IronRuby and IronRuby.Libraries)

var engine = IronRuby.Ruby.CreateEngine();
returnvalue = engine.Operations.InvokeMember(instance, method,

I am running the following ruby code as a test...

class Plotlight
def get_message(a)
res = "Hello- from Ruby " << a

def swapcase(a)
res = a.downcase

Now, when running the method get_message("something") things work great
however when running something that has a reference to the standard
library (swapcase in this example) it will return the error

$exception {"undefined method `downcase' for fooBAR:ClrString"}
System.Exception {System.MissingMethodException}

running the code through ir.exe works without any problems

Do I need to make a call/reference to the library? and if I do, how do I
do that?

Hope someone can help! Thank you very much.

Kind regards, Marco
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