[Ironruby-core] More WCF fail

Curt Hagenlocher curth at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 12 13:15:48 EDT 2009

There's no CLR Type object that can fully represent your Ruby class, so you can't meaningfully pass the type to any API that wants to be able to create an object from it.  This is still an area of active investigation and thought for us.

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Had time to get back to the WCF stuff: Here's the latest

class MyService
     include IWcfContract

     def ping(x)

uri = Uri.new "http://localhost:8700/MyService"
binding = WSHttpBinding.new
host = ServiceHost.new MyService
host.add_service_endpoint(IWcfContract.to_clr_type, binding, uri);

=> Now raises the following error (new and different from last time, exciting!):

The contract name 'IWcfContract' could not be found in the list of contracts implemented by the service 'IronRuby.Builtins.RubyClass'.

I also tried creating an abstract C# class as follows:

public abstract class WcfContractClass : IWcfContract
     public abstract string Ping(string input);

and then having the ruby class do this:

class MyService < WcfContractClass

however the same error occurs. Still running the dlr nightly v12211 build...

Any ideas?
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