[Ironruby-core] Code Review: interop3

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Sat Mar 7 02:12:46 EST 2009

  tfpt review "/shelveset:interop3;REDMOND\jdeville"
  Comment  : 
  * Rearrange .NET tests according to the new test structure
  * Add the csc method to inline C# fixtures into the Ruby code
  ** Should csc.bat be in a path'd scripts directory? Or is it okay having to specifiy a path to it?
  * Modify both dev.bats to add Merlin\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\mspec\bin to %PATH% 
  * Modify IronRuby's dev.bat to setup ~/.mspecrc if ~/.mspecrc doesn't exist.
  ** Should this modification be in both? If so, why not have one Dev.bat that conditionally loads internal alias's?
  * Make the default.mspec, which becomes ~/.mspecrc, simply load our default configuration file from Merlin\External\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\default.mspec

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