[Ironruby-core] please test ironrubymvc

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
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Thanks for doing this, it's really awesome that you've taken initiative in this project!

There's a way to put VS in ASCII mode ... but I don't remember how. I felt that pain when getting the initial version of ironrubymvc set up.

I'm working on a silverline port to ASP.NET MVC, so I'll be ramping up my work on this as well.


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I'm going to take this weekend to add some more error checking to IronRuby MVC and to create a readme with a quick sample.
But as things stand I think you should have a usable version of IronRuby MVC currently in my github repo (http://github.com/casualjim/ironrubymvc).

I would love to see some bugs being found :)

So if  you're interested to help, please get the source and try to build an ASP.NET<http://ASP.NET> MVC application with ironruby or help me out by writing specs.

There is something pretty annoying though. When you're in a C# project (like a library or an MVC project) and you create a text file. VS will help you out by adding a BOM to the file. Now IronRuby doesn't know how to handle files like that.
I realise you can do File - Save as - Save with encoding but that didn't have the desired effect either. So in the end i created my ruby files with Notepad++ and added those to the IronRuby mvc project.

This wasn't a problem earlier because I had created my own reader and script runner, and I just refactored to use StreamContentProviders from Microsoft.Scripting. As soon as I use the DLR infrastructure it starts complaining about the BOM's.
(Invalid character ï found).

I'd like to thank Jimmy for his advice.

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