[Ironruby-core] please test ironrubymvc

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Fri Mar 6 04:20:37 EST 2009

I'm going to take this weekend to add some more error checking to IronRuby
MVC and to create a readme with a quick sample.
But as things stand I think you should have a usable version of IronRuby MVC
currently in my github repo (http://github.com/casualjim/ironrubymvc).

I would love to see some bugs being found :)

So if  you're interested to help, please get the source and try to build an
ASP.NET MVC application with ironruby or help me out by writing specs.

There is something pretty annoying though. When you're in a C# project (like
a library or an MVC project) and you create a text file. VS will help you
out by adding a BOM to the file. Now IronRuby doesn't know how to handle
files like that.
I realise you can do File - Save as - Save with encoding but that didn't
have the desired effect either. So in the end i created my ruby files with
Notepad++ and added those to the IronRuby mvc project.

This wasn't a problem earlier because I had created my own reader and script
runner, and I just refactored to use StreamContentProviders from
Microsoft.Scripting. As soon as I use the DLR infrastructure it starts
complaining about the BOM's.
(Invalid character ï found).

I'd like to thank Jimmy for his advice.

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