[Ironruby-core] possible problem on mono

Jb Evain jb at nurv.fr
Wed Mar 4 05:07:28 EST 2009


On 3/4/09, Rafael Rosa <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:
>  If I try to call just "igem" it shows the help, no problem, but if I try
>  to run "igem list" or "igem install any_gem" it shows the error above
>  adding the --debug directive, and shows just the first two lines of the
>  error if run without it.

Which version of Mono are you using? It works fine on Mono HEAD and
Mono 2.4. If you're interested in running IronRuby on Mono, I suggest
you use a (very) recent Mono anyway, as the DLR and IronRuby sometimes
kick Mono's tires hard.

Jb Evain  <jb at nurv.fr>

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