[Ironruby-core] Issue with accents (UTF-8) - is it supposed to work ?

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 05:57:47 EST 2009

not sure if it's an oddity in my code, a bug or non-implemented feature in
IronRuby or Mono - so I'm reporting it here. When using accents inside
strings ("Barrère") that I pass to either buttons or datagridviews, they
translate into "BarrA¨re". Here's a sample (also available on

form = Magic.build do
  form(:text => "DataGridView sample", :width => 800, :height => 600) do
    # nifty - current Magic.build makes it possible to reuse the
control that has been added
    @grid = data_grid_view :dock => DockStyle.fill
    @grid.column_count = 2
    @grid.columns[0].name = "First name"
    @grid.columns[1].name = "Last name"

    @grid.rows.add("Thibaut","Barrère") # using my name with its nasty
accent - utf-8 ?

After editing the datagridview, I noticed a log on stdout from mono:

009-03-01 11:48:36.927 mono[5512:10b] WARNING:
CFSTR("Barr\37777777703\37777777603\37777777702\37777777650re") has non-7
bit chars, interpreting using MacOS Roman encoding for now, but this will
change. Please eliminate usages of non-7 bit chars (including escaped
characters above \177 octal) in CFSTR().

So I guess the issue probably boils down to non-MacOS Roman support in Mono.

What do you think ?

-- Thibaut
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