[Ironruby-core] IronRuby Pair debugging

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 30 14:15:23 EDT 2009

When: Thursday, July 02, 2009 8:30 AM-11:00 AM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).
Where: LiveMeeting and MSN Messenger

Note: The GMT offset above does not reflect daylight saving time adjustments.


Ray, Joshua and I did a pair debugging session last Friday and it worked out very well. We drilled into some ActiveRecord bugs and have already pushed fixes for that. I am meeting Ray again on Thursday.

Including ironruby-core if anyone else wants to join in. See http://wiki.github.com/ironruby/ironruby/debugging for information about pair debugging setup. Send me an email directly if want to join in. Don’t know if replying to this meeting invite will work

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