[Ironruby-core] Where is open-uri and why it does not work?

Mohammad Azam lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jun 22 12:09:40 EDT 2009

This is downloaded from Git!

I have the ir.exe.config file with the following path setup:

      <set language="Ruby" option="LibraryPaths" 

The location of this file is:


My project location is C:\IronRubyProjects\IronRubyTaskListApplication.

I am running the IR.EXX from 
C:\IronRubyProjects\IronRubyTaskListApplication and then it complains 
about the open-uri file. I put the open-uri file in the libs folder then 
is complains about uri file. I put the uri file and uri folder in the 
libs folder but it still complains about the uri file.

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