[Ironruby-core] Basic interoperability question

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
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Require 'mscorlib' is not as essential anymore. If you run ir -e "puts System::String.class" it will wolrk just fine. I still use require 'mscorlib' in my scripts tlo signal to other programmers that this scrpt will use .NET interop, but I don't think it is needed.

I'll let Tomas answer the second part, and clarify my answer if needed.


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I would like to know why interoperability is such a long word?

just kidding!

I'm playing with the CLR interoperability and I have some questions:
1. Is "require 'mscorlib'" really essential?
2. Should investigating Clr objects work?
For example, this is what happens now:
>>> System::Data::DataSet.instance_methods - Class.methods
=> []

Only after I create a dataset object and access, for instance, the
tables property, the "tables" method is added to the instance_methods

Many thanks!

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