[Ironruby-core] Make IR run as an external tool in VS

Michael Delaney lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Jul 30 19:48:28 EDT 2009

Huw Collingbourne wrote:
> Michael Delaney wrote:
>> hi,
>> was wondering if anyone could help.
>> i'd like to be able to edit a ruby file in visual studio and just fire a
>> key seqeunce to run the file.
> You could use our free Visual Studio IronRuby IDE: 
> http://www.sapphiresteel.com/Ruby-In-Steel-For-IronRuby
> best wishes
> Huw Collingbourne
> SapphireSteel Software
> http://www.sapphiresteel.com

i've tried it, but as it says on your site its alpha, i couldnt get it 
to work properly. i'll look again once you guys have done some work on 
to be honest i'd buy the text edition right away if it did what i 
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