[Ironruby-core] What would you like to see for a 1.0?

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 29 19:27:52 EDT 2009

Thanks for taking a stance on what you want 1.0 to be =)

I’ll be updating the roadmap on ironruby.net to reflect what things are on the list for 1.0. But I’ll go through each one:

1. Events on interfaces and abstract classes / C# operators

I’ll divert to Tomas for the complexity of making this work, and that’s what will decide whether to include this in 1.0.

2. RubySpec pass rate: MRI == IronRuby

This is a bit trickier, as IronRuby is about 87% of what MRI does on Windows, and 85% of MRI total (http://ironruby.info). I’d be happy with 90% just as a metric, but passing all of RubySpec doesn't mean real Ruby apps work. I find it much more important that we pass Rails, RSpec, Gems, Cucumber, and other popular Ruby apps’ test suites at as close to 100% as possible.

3. Better performance than MRI

How do we measure that? Startup? Throughput? I say we should not block 1.0 on startup-perf. This will mostly affect unit testing, but it has acceptable perf today. WRT throughput: today the only widely-accepted throughput perf measurement is the ruby-benchmark-suite, so should that be the only criteria for shipping? Though I don’t understand the numbers fully yet, the most recent ruby-benchmark-suite run showed IronRuby at least ~2x faster than MRI (though this isn’t a final number by any means). There are still some benchmarks where MRI is better at, so we need to understand those a bit more, but overall I’m happy with performance. IronRuby will also be compared to JRuby, and hopefully be within JRuby numbers at 1.0.

4. CLR Interop Documentation

I’m personally working on this for the 1.0 release, so just keep an eye on http://ironruby.net/Documentation/.NET. I’ll let everyone know when I upload the latest docs.

Anything else? This is your chance to help us polish IronRuby 1.0.

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For me to be a 1.0 release I'd have to put the following things forward.

1. Events on interfaces + abstract classes (a big pull is the testing that ruby has to offer and many people now have the DI stuff in place so loads of these things are now on interfaces)
2. Passing the same amount or more specs from RubySpec as ruby  1.8.6  does.
3. Be of equal or better performance as ruby 1.8.6

Nice to have:
compatibility with C# operators etc as this isn't 100% right now.
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