[Ironruby-core] What is the status for providing support for Attributes?

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Wed Jul 29 04:43:41 EDT 2009

* removed rant as this isn't a philosophical discussion on
WCF/SOAP/REST/JSON services :) *

For the client side you don't need attributes to generate a proxy for a WCF
call at all and you can just use meta programming to create those for you.
 Then on the server side there are few approaches you can use to host WCF
services.  WCF allows you to virtually replace every bit and piece in its
architecture with custom implemenations

One possible solution:
1. you can create a custom service host, instance provider and behavior that
knows how to deal with ruby classes or DLR classes in general.
2. A custom operation invoker to select the method you want to call (that
uses DLR infrastructure) + behavior to insert it in the wcf config
3. open-source it an the rest of the community will thank you for it :)
4. remove the need for xml configuration in default usage cases (totally
optional but still a good idea :))

If you put a good dev on this he can have this done in a couple of days.

Only doing #1 will already get you hosting C# WCF services on the server, it
even allows you to write your service in Ruby as long as you define the
service contract in C#/VB/...

Attributes are a
crutch used in the static world to annotate types with extra metadata.
In ruby you typically use a class method invocation to provide that
metadata because ruby doesn't break the inheritance chain when it
comes to class level members. And
in the WCF scenario I don't see the _need_ for attributes. I don't think we
should be changing ruby to know about those static things but rather make
the technologies aware of DLR languages and how to use them.

Please prove me wrong :)

disclaimer: I may have made things look easier than they actually are.
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On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 5:38 AM, Philippe Monnet <ironruby at monnet-usa.com>wrote:

>  Jimmy,
> Yes I was interested in attributes to be able to call WCF services
> (actually SOAP services) from Silverlight using Ruby.
> With WCF support, I think that IronRuby will become a huge catalyst for
> Silverlight, especially for web enterprise developers.
> At my work, SOAP services provide access to all our shared enterprise
> capabilities. All web apps use these services. Right now we use ASP.NETand are injecting more and more jQuery and JSON services to push the
> envelope on interactivity, richness and usability. I would rather use
> Silverlight but static languages are a drag on productivity for front-end
> development (don't get me wrong, I love C# for everything else - frameworks,
> services, etc.).
> So far, in prototypes, I have had to create C# wrappers on top of the
> WCF/SOAP proxies but that makes it even more brittle when we have to evolve
> our service signatures. I would love to simplify web development and have a
> consistent dynamic language experience on the browser side. IronRuby would
> be perfect in this scenario and would lower the bar for Silverlight
> development. A good example of course is what is being done around Gestalt.
> My perspective as an enterprise architect would be to include support for
> WCF in 1.0, but I totally understand the challenges of product scoping and
> shipping (I have experienced that for 5 years during the case tool years in
> the early nineties).
> The work so far on IronRuby is spectacular in my opinion both from a
> technical perspective as well as a from a collaboration and openness
> perspective! So keep it up! :-)
> Philippe
> Jimmy Schementi wrote:
> No, .NET Attributes are not planned for 1.0. IronPython 2.6 does not
> support it either, though they have a low level hook that could allow it to
> be implemented. I understant this blocks the usage of any frameworks which
> depend on Attributes (WCF), but in the grand scheme of .NET interop they are
> a feature that can wait until after 1.0.
>  If you disagree, please let us know; I'd really like all of you to agree
> that IronRuby is in a 1.0 state, not just the people who have @microsoft in
> their email addresses.
> ~Jimmy
> On Jul 28, 2009, at 8:01 PM, "Philippe Monnet" <ironruby at monnet-usa.com>
> wrote:
>  As you are getting near 1.0, is the support for attributes somewhere on
> the radar? It seems like the last time I saw an exchange on this was
> sometime in February.
> Philippe
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