[Ironruby-core] Review: misc fixes to MutableStringOps.cs

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 16 17:25:56 EDT 2009

Could you update BlockReplaceInPlace in MutableStrinOps.cs to also use RequiresNotFrozenString?

Otherwise looks good!

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I pushed a bunch of fixes to my repository. In the end I had to hold back a couple of more commits staged in a local branch because I'm still not convinced about them, I'll push them in the next few days for a future review.


>From the commit message:

- Implemented 'V' and 'v' directives for String#unpack.
- Implemented 'B' and 'b' directives for String#unpack.
- Cleared all the failing expectations in core/string related to an unthrown TypeError exception when calling in-place methods on frozen strings.

The absence of 'V', 'v', 'B' and 'b' directives in String#unpack was preventing me to use the wmainfo-rb gem.

See also the attached diff.


Daniele Alessandri

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